About You: Seniors

You’re unique. Special. Looking for a different kind of senior photographer. You sing along loudly to your car’s radio with the windows down and don’t care who hears. You wear stripes with polka dots and totally pull it off. You can recite all the best comedy flicks line by line. You love to laugh. You’re creative and original. You have the best friends ever. You drink milk right out of the carton when nobody is looking. You rock blue nail polish, from time to time. You’re an old soul but a kid at heart.

And you know you deserve better senior photos than your friend with a point-and-shoot {bless her heart, she tries!} can give you. And while we’re being completely honest here, you want your senior pictures to make your friends green with envy. You want the sneak peeks I post to melt Facebook. Nothing wrong with that— it’s just a byproduct of you being fabulous!

And you’re not a robot. You want some instruction and direction but you’re over the whole über posed “fold your hands here, put your leg there and don’t move” thing. You want to be gorgeous and glammed-up, but genuine and quirky too. You want your portraits to be unique— like you!

You’re silly, serious, thoughtful and fun. You’re REAL. If you’re ready to think outside the box, laugh and have fun getting amazing senior pictures, then let’s talk. I’d love to hear your story.

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