I felt like a star…

We saw the beautiful pictures that Carrie has taken, and liked the way she seems to be able to capture the light and personality of everyone she photographs. We have used other photographers who have captured nice images of our children, but Carrie has a way of bringing out the eyes and her photos are just so joyful.  So many of her images just bring a smile to your face.  After the experience of having Carrie photograph our daughter Regan, I can see why there is so much joy and expression in the eyes of her subjects.  Carrie loves what she is doing, and that love becomes infectious during a session with her. She was so fun and made our daughter feel like a star.  From the moment we contacted Carrie, the whole process was a breeze. She gave us ideas for the photos and was very organized in setting everything up for us, from directions to hair and make-up.  The evening just seemed to fly by like a dream and we couldn’t be happier!

Dawn (Regan’s Mom)