What to Wear

I love to keep the focus on the subject, and your clothing choices should enhance rather than distract from the subject.

I love it when a client makes a statement with fun color or bold accessories.  Textures and layers really add dimension to a photograph as well. It always looks great when a family chooses shirts or outfits that are all from the same color palette or that complement one another.

Big bows for girls, hats, scarves, funky belts, tutus with leggings and chunky jewelry are all fun accessories to consider. If children are being photographed together, clothes that are similar in style give a more coordinated look.

For newborns and babies, I offer a wide variety of blankets, wraps and hats to snuggle them in.

When we have a conversation ahead of time we’ll figure out it you’re going for a trendier look, or a more classic look, or even both!

The following are great places to get inspired for children’s clothing…