Bennett : Forest Hills Northern High School – Class of 2013 : Grand Rapids Senior Photographer


Wow! Shooting Bennett’s senior pictures with Carrie was so much fun! The hour flew by as she proposed so many clever and creative ways to shoot him. My favorite was when she asked Bennett to “smolder” and he had to try and figure that look out! I am very happy with the beautiful pictures we received. Now it’s time to book the whole family for a sitting!

I thought it was a very positive experience, the whole process was very painless and I enjoyed it quite a bit actually. It was fun to do something different and I really liked the urban location for the pictures. Mrs. Chaffer is a very nice lady who is highly professional yet easy going enough where I could do what I wanted. I truly enjoyed myself and I would recommend Mrs. Chaffer to anyone!

Grand Rapids Urban Senior Guy Pictures Hip, Urban Senior Guy Photography by Carrie Anne Photography

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